ENAJ online Workshop: Usage of satellite imagery in agricultural journalism

On the 22nd of September 2022 from 2:00 PM we organized an Online Workshop via zoom, on the Usage of satellite imagery in agricultural journalism. Registered journalists on a zoom platform heard a lot of useful information from the technology specialist Jan Labohý from Dynacrop Space company

During the one-hour session, moderated by member of the ENAJ management committee Vedran Stapić atendees had the opportunity to learn how journalists can use different online tools, how those images can be used for print or web articles, how to make a time-lapse video of a specific area for social networks and much more. 

We got an insight into the legal aspects and a short technology introduction. In this interactive workshop, we sow modern technologies for food production in real action and had an opportunity to interact and ask questions.

[Update] Click here to download Jan’s presentation: https://enaj.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/ENAJ-WS.pdf

About guest

Jan Labohý is the CEO of World from Space, an Earth Observation company focused on the use of Copernicus data and services. He has worked on  Earth Observation private contracts and ESA and H2020 projects.  He leads the business development of the DynaCrop service for agriculture software and focuses on regenerative farming practices at the moment. He is an experienced manager and leader with 10+ years of experience in project management in the private, academic, and NGO sectors.

He is a senior consultant in Earth Observation, especially Copernicus downstream services. He has 5+ years of experience working in the EO downstream industry. He supported GSA/ EUSPA Market development team as a senior consultant for Copernicus in 2021-2022. Jan graduated in Environmental science and Communication studies. As a soft-skills trainer, he is excellent in teamwork, presentation, communication, and improvisation. He is a strongly result-driven person who focuses on pushing for fast overall progress.

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