The Belgian guild is organizing a webinar on Ukraine, the war and agriculture and the consequences

Agriculture in Ukraine, credit: HappyCity@Depositphotos

Webinar BVLJ-ABJA (Belgian Association of Agricultural Journalists): “Agriculture in Ukraine”

Testimonials from the Ukrainian field and consequences of the conflict for our agri-food chain

The war between Ukraine and Russia has impacted people far and wide. Since the outbreak of the conflict, Europe has been confronted with a number of historic disruptions to its economy. Prices for raw materials and energy have risen, supply chains have been interrupted, and inflation continues to climb. The conflict has also highlighted the importance of Ukrainian agriculture for Europe and for the rest of the world. An end to the war does not seem immediately in sight.

In this webinar, BVLJ-ABJA wants to provide more insight into the situation on the ground in Ukraine. As such, we have invited five individuals to tell us how the war has impacted their work and livelihoods. We hope to be able to answer several questions, namely: Is agriculture still possible in Ukraine? What problems do farmers face on the ground? What consequences does this have for exports and supplies to other countries?

We start with a statement by Federal Minister of Agriculture David Clarinval. He explains the Task Force Ukraine and the challenges facing the Belgian agri-food chain as a result of the war in Ukraine.

This webinar will take place on Thursday, 15 December at 2:00 PM. Live translated captions will be provided for all speakers.

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Program 15 December 2022 – 14:00

2:00 pm: Welcome

2:05 pm: “Task Force Ukraine” – presentation by David Clarinval, Federal Minister of Agriculture

2:20 pm: Q&A

2:25 pm: Impact of the conflict on agriculture and the agricultural press in Ukraine by Iurii Mykhailov, spokesman for Ukrainian agricultural journalists (ENG)*

2:40 pm: Q&A


2:50 pm: Tom van Goey, a Belgian farmer who runs an arable farm and grain trade in Ukraine

3:00 pm: Joris van Veen of Vanden Avenne Commodities for Fegra, the federation of Belgian Grain Traders

3:10 pm: Nick Gordiichuk, Director General of Agrico Ukraine, Vice President of the Ukrainian Federation of Potato Growers and Farmers (ENG)

3:20 pm: Hanna Lavreniuk, Director General of the Ukrainian Dairy Industry Federation (ENG)

3:30 pm: Q&A

3:40 pm: Conclusion and final word

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