Consumer criticism, food security & sustainability

High standards in production, animal welfare and environmental regulation have not stopped Swiss consumers exercising their right to question agricultural production and farming techniques through the country’s many referendums. Does this right pose threatening consequences?

The Swiss Agricultural Journalists’ Association (Schweizer Agrarjournalisten, SAJ) has invited IFAJ and ENAJ journalists to join them in investigating the issue, during a press tour between 27-30 September 2018, and to discuss perspectives and experience from different countries.

Two seminars and debates will be held during the tour: ‘Consumer Criticism Questions Food Security & Sustainability’ and ‘Consumer acceptance is basic for the future of agriculture and food production’.

The tour will also incorporate elements of classic Swiss agriculture, including visits to alpine farms, cheese makers and the Swiss Cheese Awards, as well as the opportunity to participate in the famous annual Entlebucher Alpabfahrt as animals are brought down from the mountains after summer grazing. Delegates will also hear about ‘climate-friendly’ milk, the unique challenges of the Swiss milk market, understanding what separates a good cheese from a great cheese – and how music influences cheese!

Places are available to any agricultural journalist who is a member of an IFAJ or ENAJ affiliated Guild. Thanks to generous sponsorship, there are no costs for the tour but participants will be expected to cover their own travel expenses.

For more information, and to apply for one of the limited places available, visit the registration site.

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