Study trip to Romania from 13 – 15 May 2019

DG AGRI media team organizes an interesting press trip to Romania

During the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU, 15 Ag-Press journalists will have the opportunity to participate in next study trip to Romania from 13 – 15 May 2019.

All across Europe, new technologies and digitalization are transforming the agriculture and are offering new opportunities to farmers, food industry, consumers and policymakers. The next study trip will highlight achievements and discuss challenges Romanian farmers encounter in their working practices, loyal to their local traditions while looking forward to new modern solutions.

Participants should arrive in Cluj in the afternoon of 13 May and leave in the afternoon of 15 May.

Further details on the programme will be published on the Ag-Press platformshortly.

The European Commission will cover the costs of travel, accommodation and meals for 15 journalists from EU Member States, unless you advise them differently. The event will be also open to locally based journalists who would not require travel, accommodation, and meals.

Preference is given to Ag-Press members who intend, or have confirmation of their chief editors, to shortly release or broadcast press content; who have not recently participated in a previous Ag-Press event; who will be able to assist to the full event; or journalists 35 years old or under. A balanced representation of Member States will be ensured.

The call is open only to members and you can register free of charge. You can then sign up to the event via our platform or by sending an email to by 22 April at the latest.

To allow for your selection, and to ensure the organisation of your travel, please make sure to update and fully fill in your Ag-Press profile at the latest by the application deadline. Please make sure that the photo uploaded in your Ag-Press profile is in the European identity card format, i.e. portrait, aspect ratio 3X4, jpeg, and +/- 100 KB: it will make easier for us to recognise you!

Please note that the working language of the study trip is English and that interpretation will be ensured to/from English/Romanian.

A call open to Ag-Press members only!

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