ENAJ Press trip in Bretagne, France: The keys to adapting livestock farming

Saint-Malo & Rennes – From 10 to 13 September 2023 

Bretagne is the leading French region for meat production and processing. It produces one-third of the French animals.

Every year in September, the international livestock show, SPACE, is held in Rennes, the capital of Bretagne.

On this occasion, ENAJ has chosen to organize its 2023 General Assembly.

In the context of rising production costs, SPACE has chosen Energy as its central theme: saving energy, producing energy, seeking energy autonomy, reducing the consumption of waste energy, and increasing the share of renewable energy.

During this trip, we will also discuss: 

  • History: foodstuffs on Corsair ships 
  • Animal nutrition: minerals in animal feed 
  • Energy: towards energy self-sufficiency for farms
  • Food sovereignty: where does France stand in terms of meat? 
  • Livestock farming: energy solutions for farmers at SPACE 2023

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The program

Sunday, September 10 – Saint-Malo

Some travel times in Saint-Malo

  • TGV station – Hotel: 22 min walk, 13 min bus line 1 or 2 (Stations -> Quai H)
  • Hotel – Restaurant: 3 min
  • Hotel – Tourist office: 6 min 

On arrival, you can leave your luggage in the hotel’s luggage room:

Hôtel des Marins, 2 rue des Marins, 35400 Saint-Malo – https://www.hotel-des-marins.com/ 

15:00 – Meeting point in front of the Saint-Malo Tourist Office, Esplanade Saint-Vincent, 35400 Saint-Malo. You’ll be guided by Ms. Alexandra Durand, +33 6 35 24 86 54 / contact@alexandradurand.com

Visit to Saint-Malo on the subject of the provisioning and storage of foodstuffs on ships for the long crossings in the days of the corsair. 

What foodstuffs were taken on board? Where did they come from? In what quantities? What were the techniques for storing and preserving food and water on board? How many ships were supplied? 

These are all questions you can ask your guide. She will tell you about “sailor’s biscuits”, the supply of drinking water and the fight against scurvy with sauerkraut. 

19:00 – Breton galette diner at La Licorne restaurant

6 place Chateaubriand Intra-Muros, 35400 Saint-Malo http://lalicorne.maisonhector.com/

Night at the Hôtel des marins, Saint-Malo. 

Monday,  September 11 – Saint-Malo & Rennes

Morning with the Roullier Group, a specialist in animal and plant nutrition.

Energy, protein and fibre are essential but not enough to cover all the animals’ needs. Whether omnivores or herbivores, livestock all need calcium, phosphorus and even magnesium, to name only the best-known minerals. Not forgetting the vitamins. These needs are increased at certain times in their lives, for example, for milk production.

7:45 – Departure from the hotel to the Minerallium – 25 min walk (with luggage) 

8:15 – Welcome to the Minerallium of the Roullier group in Saint-Malo.

8:30 – Visit to the Minerallium: Minerals from their conception. The Minerallium allows visitors to discover the role of minerals, from the appearance of life on Earth to their use in agriculture. https://www.fondsdedotationroullier.org/en/the-minerallium/ 

11:15 – Visit of 2 plants (2 groups alternating)

  • Mineral plant
  • Phosphate raw material plant

Visit on the theme of innovation and the challenges of the sector.

12:30 – Lunch at the Minérallium

13:30 – Departure by bus to the farm

14:30 – Visit a farm related to the SPACE theme: energy 

  • – How to cover energy needs?
  • – How to save energy? 

The ENAJ group joins the AFJA group of French agricultural journalists.

16:30 – Departure by bus to the hotel (check-in)

17:30 – Departure by bus to the restaurant

18:30 – Conference “Food Sovereignty: Where is France in terms of meat? »

With simultaneous English translation.

Moderated by Agra Presse’s journalists Nicole Ouvrard and Yannick Groult.


  • Beef: decapitalization in the beef sector, a decline in red meat consumption, societal and political pressure related to climate change 
  • Pork: dependence on the world market, export of cuts not consumed in France, imports linked to the increased consumption of certain pig parts, the importance of intra-European trade. 
  • Poultry: the “Sunday chicken” market is doing well, but there are large imports of chickens for catering and processing. 
  • International: European aspects, Mercosur, green deal, consequences for tomorrow.

With speakers:

  • Vincent Chatelier, economist at Inrae 
  • Yann Nédélec, director of the Anvol interprofessional (poultry)
  • Paul Rouche, director of Culture viande (federation of meat manufacturers)
  • Marcel Denieul, President of SPACE 
  • Didier Lucas, President of the Côtes d’Armor Chamber of Agriculture

20:00 – Diner 

Night at the hotel

Tuesday, September 12 – Rennes – SPACE 2023

The SPACE is an annual international exhibition founded in 1987 and dedicated to livestock. It is held for three days every September in Rennes. This show is largely oriented towards professionals in the sector; it welcomes more than 100,000 visitors, of which nearly 15,000 are foreign nationals from 122 countries. 

This year, SPACE has chosen the theme of energy “to enable farmers to find solutions” in the context of sharply rising energy costs.

Indicative schedules

8:00 – Departure by bus from the hotel -> SPACE, Parc-Expo de Rennes

The shuttle bus will have a sign indicating “International journalists and top buyer delegations.”

9:00 – Opening press conference of SPACE 2023 in the press room, with Marcel Denieul, Space President and Anne Marie Quéméner, General Commissioner.

9:30 – SPACE Opening by Marc Fesneau, French Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty. 

10:00 – Conference available in English, room H of the Administration Area: SPACE exhibitors’ innovations in aquaculture

Free visit of the SPACE.

SPACE offers Lunch at your convenience in the restaurant next to the press room.

14:00 to 16:00 – General Assembly of ENAJ with the intervention of Loïg Chesnais-Girard, President of the Brittany region

Rest of the afternoon – A free visit 

Exhibitors’ evening “Soirée des exposants”, with buffet. 

Night at the hotel

Wednesday, September 13 – Rennes – SPACE 2023

8:00 – Departure by bus from the hotel -> SPACE, Parc-Expo de Rennes

The shuttle bus will have a sign indicating “International journalists and top buyer delegations.”

9:15 – Presentation of Espace pour Demain, hall 3 stand C16, in English for international journalists, on the theme: Livestock – Energy: new synergies.

Free visit to the show or a free visit to a livestock farm on registration at international@space.fr 


You can register independently for the farm visits organized by SPACE during the exibition. 

SPACE tells us that their farm visit program is still under construction. It will be available soon.

Visits are organized half a day from early Tuesday afternoon to Thursday evening.

Buses are available to go to the farm visits. The meeting point is located at gate C of SPACE.

The visits are translated into English.

Once the program is known, international journalists and visitors who wish to participate should send an email to register at international@space.fr

Here is a non-definitive program of visits that could take place during SPACE:

  • Charolais beef cattle farm: 
  • Beef breed in the spotlight at SPACE 2023
  • Simmental dairy cattle farm: Dairy breed in the spotlight at SPACE 2023
  • Aquaculture visit
  • Poultry visit
  • Visit an animal feed production site
  • Pig farm
  • Dairy farm with on-site processing
  • Sheep farm
  • CUMA
  • Poultry farm: broilers
  • Dairy farm with methanization unit


Throughout the show, SPACE provides free shuttles to downtown Rennes, Rennes train station and the airport.


If you need more information, please contact: 

Yanne Boloh – yanne.boloh@gmail.com 

Yanne Boloh is a French agricultural journalist specializing in livestock farming. Yanne is also the ENAJ’s General Secretary and a member of the AFJA’s Board.

Fleur Boutillier – contact@afja-asso.fr 

Fleur Boutillier is an AFJA communications officer.

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