Low Budget Trip to Slovenia!

From September 4th to September 7th

The Slovenian Guild of Agricultural Journalists and ENAJ organizes a low budget press trip to Slovenia on the occasion of the Informal Council of the EU Ministers of Agriculture. For every guild/association we have two places available and one place for a reserve list if a guild/association doesn’t use its two places. The two places can be two delegates or one delegate and one participant.

For the delegates at the AGM, the program starts Saturday, September 4th in the afternoon with the Annual General Meeting of ENAJ. Delegates of the member guilds/associations are already informed. The participants of the trip are welcome too at this meeting. A member of the Management Committee of ENAJ can be a delegate or a participant. In total there is a maximum of 36 to 40 persons for this trip. It’s the first low budget press trip in one and a half years.


The fee for this trip is 145 euro if you agree with a double bedroom. Who wants a single room pays 100 euro extra. The fee includes most of the meals, transportation and the hotel. Your stay is in the City Hotel in Ljubljana. A registration form you can find here.


Saturday is the AGM of ENAJ followed by a guided tour of Ljubljana. On Sunday the Slovenian guild arranges a visit to a medium-sized farm which produces eggs, pumpkins for oil and spelt and sells own made products at the farm as well as a visit to the 32nd Festival “Dobrote slovenskih kmetij” in Ptuj followed by a guided visit of Ptuj, the oldest city of the country.

On Monday two farm visits. First to a fruit farm and then to a cheese farm. In the afternoon the participants of the trip will meet the Ministers of Agriculture at a big fruit company EUROSAD and mingle with them. In the evening is a dinner with the president of the Agricultural Chamber of Slovenia Roman Žveglič.

On Tuesday the participants can attend the press conference after the meeting of the ministers in a protocolar conference centre. This press conference will be followed by a lunch. There is then transportation arranged to the airport or back to Ljubljana.


Accreditation of this trip and press conference is necessary. It will be opened two weeks before the trip you can get your accreditation at www.slovenian-presidency.consilium.europa.eu/en/media/accreditation
It closes one week before the event.

The ministry of agriculture of Slovenia supports ENAJ and the Slovenian Guilds with rooms for Sunday and Monday night, two lunches and the bus on Tuesday. Other sponsors of the Slovenian guild support us for the rest of the trip.


EU COVID CERTIFICATE is mandatory (i.e. the proof of being vaccinated, recovered after COVID-19 or having a negative PCR test).


Because of Covid measures the trip can be cancelled.

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