Low-budget press trip to Split, Croatia has been cancelled

The Croatian Association of Agricultural Journalists (DANH) has announced that its low-budget press trip to Split, Croatia, planned to take place between 6th-9th June 2020 in conjunction with ENAJ, has been cancelled owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

“While the current situation within Croatia remains relatively favourable, in terms of confirmed cases and mortality compared to other European countries, the general situation in Europe remains worrying”, says DANH.

“Although the successful implementation of preventive measures has resulted in corona-free regions like Istria, the international outlook remains blurry and all travel options are reduced, which leaves us with only one option: to cancel.

Furthermore, we have been informed by the Croatian authorities that Split would not host the European Ministers of Agriculture for the Informal Council Meeting, around which the trip was to be organised. They are trying to find another solution for this traditional gathering while Croatia still holds the Presidency of the Council.”, DANH announced.

Photo by p.f.shaw@talktalk.net (Depositphotos)

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