Lorenzo Natali Media Prize

Awarded in recognition of journalists doing exceptional reporting on development topics, encouraging us to take action for a better tomorrow.

The European Commission’s Lorenzo Natali Media Prize recognises journalists doing exceptional reporting on development topics. Applications are now open, from 18 February to 14 April for online, print and audio-visual work.

Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica said: “The vast majority of people in this world live in developing countries and we are committed to leave no one behind. We want to ensure everyone can have a safe, healthy and prosperous life. But there is still work to be done. There are different realities across the globe, and the media is here to open our eyes to them. The Lorenzo Natali* Media prize is for those journalists who awaken our conscience and encourage us to take action for a better tomorrow.”

The Lorenzo Natali Media Prize is awarded to journalists reporting on issues such as poverty eradication and the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

Prize categories

The 2019 Lorenzo Natali Media Prize will be awarded in three categories:

  • Grand Prize: open to media based in these regions: Africa; the Arab World and the Middle East; Asia and the Pacific; Latin America and the Caribbean, from countries where the European Commission provides development cooperation.
  • Europe Prize: open to media based in the European Union.
  • Best Emerging Journalist Prize: open to journalists under 30 working for media in any of the above mentioned countries.

How to apply

Journalists are invited to submit their work, be it in print, digital, radio or TV broadcast format. Applications are open from 18 February until 14 April 2019. Detailed information on the specific rules and criteria are available online.

Selection and prize

The selection will be carried out by a “Grand Jury” composed of renowned journalists and development specialists from across the world.

Each category winner will receive €10.000. The winner of the Best Emerging Journalist category will also be offered a work experience with a media partner.

All winners will be announced and awarded during the European Development Days in Brussels this June.

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Lorenzo Natali Media Prize

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