Lisa Bellocchi: We call for peace

The demonstration in front of the Brandenburg Gate in support of Ukraine and against the Russian aggression
Credit: KutsVG

The war in Ukraine affects everyone, as can be heard in the Irish radio report “Countrywide” of 26 February. Damien O’Reilly, vice president of the European Network of Agricultural Journalists ENAJ and radio journalist in Ireland, interviewed Iurii Mykhailov, reporter and agricultural journalist from Kyiv on the morning of February 26:

“I don’t have a car, so I can’t leave I don’t want to leave. My life may end at any moment but I am preparing myself for that.” Iurii said.

Listen back a whole interview: Ukraine Latest and Effect on Food Supply

Agricultural journalist Iurii Mykhailov reports from Kyiv.
Credit: private

Lisa Bellocchi, president of ENAJ, has made a statement: “We call for peace and freedom of the press. We are against any military aggression. We express our solidarity with our colleagues in Ukraine.”

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