Finland’s video won the ENAJ video contest

Video from Finland has been recognised as the best, says ENAJ jury decision on the Women in Agriculture friendly video contest.

A story about Ellen Rydbeck, one of 15.000 female farmers from Finland, had all that they sought. 

A woman’s perspective on farming in an inspiring story from an authentic location with high-quality video production. 

This year ENAJ received four nominations from the same number of guilds – Bulgaria, Finland, France and the United Kingdom, alphabetically.  

The winner was announced on ENAJ Forum in Brusells, where the Finnish guild won ENAJ’s first contest.

Initiator Yanne Boloh, a member of the ENAJ management committee, after publishing the results: “I would like to thank all the participants of ENAJ-s first friendly video contest”, said and continued:

“Thanks to all the support from MC members, this idea shows European diversity. We had to thank the guilds who disseminate our activities,” noted the ENAJ secretary wishing to have even more nominations next year. 

Enjoy watching the awarded video from the Tavastia region in Southern Finland.

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