Fertilizers Europe




What is the name of your organisation? Fertilizers Europe
Description Fertilizers Europe represents the majority of fertilizer producers in Europe and is recognized as the dedicated industry source of information on mineral fertilizers. The association communicates with a wide variety of institutions legislators, stakeholders and members of the public who seek information on fertilizers technology and topics relating to today’s agricultural, environmental and economic challenges.
Who does the organisation represent? Mineral fertilizer producers in Europe
What is your involvement/interest in European agriculture? Our industry is vital to agriculture for increasing farmers’ yields and thus sustaining the increasing food demands.
How can you help ENAJ members? i.e. what kind of information can you provide? What stories could you help them with? We can give the ENAJ members a deeper insight into the fertilizer industry and an industrial perspective on farming and agriculture. We also organize a Global Fertilizer Day on 13 October which aims to highlight the importance of fertilizers for food security. The event consists of visits to key agriculture locations and meetings with industry executives.
Who should they contact in the press office? Jana Graso
Press office telephone +32472581230


Press office email mark@fertilizerseurope.com


Organisation website www.fertilizerseurope.com