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What is the name of your organisation? FEFAC
Description Fédération Européenne des Fabricants d’Aliments Composés – European Animal Feed Manufacturers’ Association
Who does the organisation represent? European producers of compound feed and premixes
What is your involvement/interest in European agriculture? The compound feed industry provides crucial input to European livestock farmers. Actions at the feed stage can strongly influence the safety, competitiveness and sustainability of livestock farming.
How can you help ENAJ members? i.e. what kind of information can you provide? What stories could you help them with? FEFAC is looking to continuously become more proactive in its communication, as it is considered the sector should invest more time in explaining what the feed industry does. FEFAC launched a Vision 2030 with the pillars Animal Nutrition Science, Feed Safety Management and Sustainability. Examples of the stories we are trying to tell are: The FEFAC Soy Sourcing Guidelines as a tool to facilitate responsible soy production & trade, animal nutrition solutions to reduce the need for antibiotics and thereby reduce AMR, the development of a harmonised environmental footprinting methodology to allow for the correct measurement of the feed-related livestock emissions, the importance of safeguarding the strategic raw material supply in the light of pressure on legislation related to GMOs, pesticides and feed additives.


Other than that, FEFAC can facilitate the contact between a journalist and the FEFAC member in the respective European country

Who should they contact in the press office? Anton van den Brink – Public Relation Advisor


Press office telephone 0032 22850050
Press office email avandenbrink@fefac.eu
Organisation website www.fefac.eu

Twitter: @FEFAC_EU

Public newsletter: FEFAC NewsFEED