Everything you always wanted to know about chicken + debate

Last week, the Management Committee of the European Network of Agricultural Journalists (ENAJ) was meeting in Le Mans, invited by MC member Yanne Boloh, who lives in the region.

We were taking part in a very interesting programme focussing on poultry and egg production, including amongst other interesting sights a poultry slaughterhouse of french LDC group and producers of the animal-friendly Loué label.  

Julien Leballeur
French farmer Julien Leballeur

On Thursday, March 5, the french-speaking members of the MC was lucky enough to be invited to a debate of the Press Club of Maine, the Region around Le Mans. It was interesting to see, that french journalists are fighting with the same problems as their counterparts abroad. Big subjects debated were journalistic ethics, the threats to the liberty of the press and the growing influence of the big social networks. The debate ended with a very animated discussion with the public that came numerous to the big cinema palace in downtown Le Mans where the debate was staged.

The debate of the Press Club of Maine

The «Club de la Presse du Maine» had been founded in 2009, it has around 50 members, all of them journalists living and working in Le Mans. The club is dedicated to the formation of members, exchanges and media education in schools and other places. This years debate was the 4th of its kind. The first one had been organized after the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in 2015.

Thanks a lot to Yanne Boloh, founder of the Club, for organizing the interesting trip to her hometown!

Merci beaucoup!

David Le Manour, Cavol, LDC
At Oliver’s Compain chicken farm
Liberte de la presse et Ethique journalistique
ENAJ MC members at Cavol
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