EU-FarmBook: Agricultural journalists support the transfer of innovation into practice

In August 2022, the EU project FarmBook was officially launched – the European Network of Agricultural Journalists ENAJ informed its members about this on the occasion of the annual general meeting in Cavallino Treporti in Venice, Italy. The project is intended to support the transfer of knowledge into agricultural practice throughout the EU and thus promote innovation. Agricultural journalists play a key role in this. A total of 29 partners from 18 EU countries are involved.

Illustration: Berya113@Depositphotos

Digital platform for networking and information

The core of EU-FarmBook is the development of a public digital platform. The content is to be translated into all EU languages so that knowledge and know-how become available across national and language borders. This way, contacts are also to be made and new networks established. The project is scheduled to last seven years.

Communication at all levels

The success of the project stands and falls with its level of awareness. It will only develop into a relevant knowledge platform if stakeholders, communicators and journalists are informed. Project participants will not only collect and provide information for the platform but also network with each other and reach out to all important target groups.

Agricultural journalists are to benefit

žAgricultural journalists play a central role in the innovation process in agriculture, as they inform their readers about important topics. EU-FarmBook will provide exclusive information to agricultural journalists, identify editorial needs and organise specialised events. The website will be further developed into a digital research tool: EU-wide information on research results and best practice examples will be accessible. The project will also be useful for contacting experts and finding attractive interview partners.

ENAJ plays a central role, project work takes place at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences

The European Network of Agricultural Journalists ENAJ will inform its members about the project and its offers. The aim is to provide professional support for agricultural journalists. The Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany is responsible for the project. Within the framework of accompanying research, the needs of agricultural journalists are being investigated to better understand and support journalistic reporting on innovations in agriculture.

Contact persons for the agricultural press for questions about EU-FarmBook:

Katharina Seuser, Email:
Aysegül Yasari, Email:


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