ENAJ Yearbook 2020

In the Easter holidays, we present the first edition of the ENAJ Yearbook. Click on ENAJ Yearbook 2020 to see the result, of which we are very proud. The Management Team of ENAJ encourages the member guilds and associations and the associated members to distribute the yearbook among your members.

It gives an overview of who we are, what we do and what the important activities are. If you read this book, you will be astonished at what is going on in agricultural communications in the EU and EFTA countries and how many agricultural and horticultural journalists are involved. The yearbook is also a reference book in which you can find the facts and addresses of the guilds and associated members.

ENAJ Yearbook 2020

The Yearbook was only made possible thanks to all the 22 guilds, associations and associated members. Nearly everyone contributed. Because of costs, ENAJ chooses for a digital version.

Special thanks to Vedran Stapic of Agroklub Croatia who put together the Yearbook and made the terrific layout. Secretary Yanne Boloh collected the contributions and Melanie Epp and Damien O’Reilly helped to edit the texts.

Hans Siemes, chairman of ENAJ

ENAJ Yearbook 2020
ENAJ members section
ENAJ Associate members
Inside ENAJ Yearbook
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