ENAJ video project: A friendly contest with the aim of explaining agriculture and its diversity across Europe

ENAJ launches its very first networking video-friendly contest. The idea is quite simple: submit a short video (between 1:30 and 3 minutes long) proposed by each guild member of ENAJ dealing with a single topic, based on the annual Forum (see details below). Our purpose is to capture the attention of both, farmers and society. 

Submitted videos will be screened during our annual forum event in Brussels (December 2022) and will live afterward for a long time on the ENAJ website and social media channels.


each guild member of ENAJ could propose one or two videos filmed with a smartphone. The idea is to provide insight into country agriculture. The video must be produced by a guild member or members if it is collectively done.


Short videos are now everywhere where smartphone users are and help ag journalists to inform on their media channels as well as on social online tools.

As a European network, ENAJ wants agriculture to be seen and understood even outside of the boundary of their professional readers/listeners/viewers: how could we do that better than with the modern media? 


Video must be filmed with one or several smartphones on a farm (or on farms) of the guild country. It will be screened during ENAJ annual Forum and on the ENAJ website and social media  


Each guild member of ENAJ could send one or two short videos in their language or in English. Short written text in English must be provided to explain the video or to give the details. The ag journalists presenting the video will sign a release waiver to ENAJ.


Videos must be submitted before 30th September/ It is ENAJ 2022 General assembly (which will take place in Venice from 30th September till 2nd October). MC members will be in charge of selection if needed. 


As a friendly contest, there is no “Oscar”. The main reward will be video exposure during ENAJ Forum. Anyway, the best videos will be rewarded with one free participation in ENAJ’s first LBPT of the next year.

2022 ENAJ Forum 

The forum will be dedicated to women in agriculture – Thus, the first ENAJ networking video-friendly contest might explore: the reality of female farmers or female ag decision-makers, the situation regarding women in agriculture (sociology, economy, technics, specialities…), the girls in ag school, special actions to promote women as farmers. 

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