ENAJ, VAÖ and Donau Soja invite you to the 11th World Soybean Research Conference

Dear journalist colleagues,

From 18 to 23 June 2023, Vienna will become the centre of science, economic and political talks around soybeans. In the year of the Vienna World Expo anniversary, hundreds of Soya producers, processors and food experts worldwide will meet for the first time in Europe for the 11th World Soybean Research Congress (WSRC).

Soybeans were first introduced to the world 150 years ago by Japanese and Chinese scientists at the Vienna Expo in the Vienna Prater. In the following years, the Austrian scientist Friedrich Haberlandt wrote the first book on his trial fields of soybeans in 1878. The industrial cultivation of soya started in Vienna and spread to the World.

Soya field, photo by: vstapic

We invite you for a 4-day low-budget press trip (18-21 June) to Vienna’s World Soybean Research Conference. You can join all speeches, sessions and presentations and the evening programme “Night of European Soy Food” at Viennas Imperial Palace. We also prepare several excursions in the vicinity of Vienna for you. Also, a press conference with the Austrian Minister of Agriculture and the President of Donau Soja is planned.

The trip is organised by the Austrian Association of Agriculture Journalists (VAÖ) and ENAJ in collaboration with Donau Soja, the co-organiser of this conference.

Stay tuned for further information! If you know you are interested, please contact Adrian Krebs, ENAJ LBPT coordinator, at a.krebs@bauernzeitung.ch.

The program and announcement are below.

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