ENAJ online conference: Management and regulation of landownership

online Monday, November 27th from 1 pm to 2 pm Brussels time

Soil and landownership are keys to thriving agriculture and an even more important topic for the young farmer’s sustainability.

Today, competition for land usage is heavy; thus management of landownership is calling for action.

Supporting agricultural production, drinking water resources and the forest, land is essential to life on earth. Support for urbanization, communication routes, economic or leisure activities, the production of renewable energies, etc., is fundamental for modern societies.

Agricultural land is a non-renewable resource, and it cannot be treated like an ordinary commodity. To allow everyone to find their place, their market – must be regulated appropriately.

Each member state is independent in matters of agricultural land regulation and management. To start exploring these topics, ENAJ will present landownership challenges through two examples: France and Germany.

Participation is free, but registration is mandatory (follow the instructions on the link below): 


The panellists:

  • France: Safer (Land development and rural settlement company) – speaker: Loïc Jegouzo, assistant to the head of Studies, Monitoring and Prospectives department
  • Germany: BLG (Federal Association of Non-Profit Land Companies) – speaker: Udo Hemmerling, managing director
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