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Fact and figures

Guild of Agricultural Journalists of Ireland (GAJI)

  • Members: 120
  • Founded: 1961



Board members

Richard Halleron (President, Guild of Agricultural Journalists of Ireland), Amy Forde (Chair, southern section, GAJI), Rachel Martin (Chair northern section GAJI)


Richard Halleron

Chairman southern

Amy Forde

Chairman northern

Rachel Martin




  • To create a network through which members can meet at professional development events, farm trips and other social occasions throughout the year on the island of Ireland.
  • To maintain the strong traditions of agricultural journalism which have been a cornerstone of the Irish media for over six decades. Agriculture remains the largest indigenous industry in Ireland with annual food and drinks exports from the Republic of Ireland valued at €14bn (2019). Agricultural journalism remains a very important sub sector of the broad Irish media landscape.
  • To encourage and promote younger journalists working in the field of agriculture.
  • To liaise, support and work with the IFAJ and the ENAJ in supporting low budget trips and congresses.
  • To organize an awards programme recognizing outstanding journalism for members and non members every two years.
  • To organize the Michael Dillon memorial lecture every other year where a leading light from the world of politics is invited to address members. Previous speakers have included EU Commissioners Phil Hogan, Ray MacSharry and Peter Sutherland RIP, former Irish President Mary Robinson and former Taoiseach (Prime Minister) John Bruton. The late Michael Dillon was one of the founders of the Guild of Agricultural Journalists and one of Irelands most famed broadcasters and journalists.
  • To work together and to maintain the strong north/south dynamic and partnership among agricultural journalists and communicators on the island of Ireland.
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