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Elliniki Enosi Dimosiografon gia ti Georgia kai ta Trofima (E.E.DI.GE.T,)

  • Members: 20
  • Founded: 2019

Office: 10 Mimnermou Str, Athens 106 74

e-mail: ,, 

Board members

Sofia Spirou (Chairwoman), Petros Alexandris (Vice Chairman), Giorgos Makris (Secretary general)


Sofia Spirou

Vice chairman

Petros Alexandris

Secretary general

Giorgos Makris




  • GAJA is an association representing more than 20 journalists and bringing together colleagues from the press, electronic media, TV and radio covering issues relating to agriculture and the food industry to promote the professional interests of its members.
  • It aims to strengthen the professional status of journalists in this relatively new field of press in Greece and to enhance their access to educational opportunities, resources and networks that can be useful in their work.
  • GAJA aims to improve the quality of journalism. It intends to explore opportunities for training and access to knowledge resources as a way of supporting its members to acquire relevant expertise to write in an informed manner about their respective topics.
  • Provide journalists with the opportunity to participate in low budget press trips to broaden their horizon and learn first hand about the conditions that prevail in the agricultural sector of other European countries.
  • GAJA aims to enhance the understanding of how the CAP works in Greece and in other European countries and as a member of the ENAJ it can provide journalists with contacts that can be useful in helping to disseminate information on the policies and how the CAP is implemented, problems faced and solutions developed in other European countries.
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