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Fact and figures

Maataloustoimittajat r.y. (MATO)

  • Members: 200
  • Founded: 1958

Office: c/o SLC, Fredrikinkatu 61 A 34, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

web:   , e-mail:

Board members

Maija Pitkonen (Chairwoman), Riku-Matti Akkanen, Helena Anttila-Lindeman, Andrea Bergman (secretary), Micke Godtfredsen (Vice chairman and IFAJ contact person), Tapani Koivunen (Treasurer and ENAJ contact person), Leena Nieminen, Linnea Nordling, Riitta Saarinen


Maija Pitkonen

Akrieer, Karjalohja 02



  • We, Maataloustoimittajat (MATO as a friendly abbreviation, which means earth worm in Finnish), are an association of journalists and communicators, who work in media, related to natural resources; agriculture, horticulture, forestry, related industry and services, all the way to consumers. Our goal is to share important information and human-interest topics through a variety of media.
  • We provide a network for members to learn and interact with other media professionals nationally and internationally. Our members participate in both ENAJ and IFAJ activities on a regular basis, and reciprocally, we like to share our specialties with our international colleagues through organized tours and press events in Finland.
  • We provide media related professional training to our members and organize tours and visits to farms, research centers and businesses related to our sector
  • We, promote good journalistic ethics and freedom of the press through participating in related discussions and seminars.
  • We provide an annual award for the best article published by its member journalist. Also, an annual Tiedonjyvä (seed of information) award is granted for an outstanding individual (a non-member) who has promoted new, interesting and valuable information.
  • We support young journalist training through IFAJ Master Class program and other IFAJ training programs as well as domestic training programs.
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