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Fact and figures

Maataloustoimittajat r.y. (MATO)

  • Members: 200
  • Founded: 1958

Office: c/o SLC, Fredrikinkatu 61 A 34, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

web:   , e-mail:

Board members

Michael ”Micke” Godtfredsen (chairman), Andrea Bergman (secretary), Klaus Hartikainen (ENAJ contact), Sari Järvinen, Anna Kujala, Linnea Nordling, Riitta Saarinen, Tuija Simpanen, Maija Soljanlahti (treasurer)


Michael ”Micke” Godtfredsen

Akrieer, Karjalohja 02



  • We, Maataloustoimittajat (MATO as a friendly abbreviation, which means earth worm in Finnish), are an association of journalists and communicators, who work in media, related to natural resources; agriculture, horticulture, forestry, related industry and services, all the way to consumers. Our goal is to share important information and human-interest topics through a variety of media.
  • We provide a network for members to learn and interact with other media professionals nationally and internationally. Our members participate in both ENAJ and IFAJ activities on a regular basis, and reciprocally, we like to share our specialties with our international colleagues through organized tours and press events in Finland.
  • We provide media related professional training to our members and organize tours and visits to farms, research centers and businesses related to our sector
  • We, promote good journalistic ethics and freedom of the press through participating in related discussions and seminars.
  • We provide an annual award for the best article published by its member journalist. Also, an annual Tiedonjyvä (seed of information) award is granted for an outstanding individual (a non-member) who has promoted new, interesting and valuable information.
  • We support young journalist training through IFAJ Master Class program and other IFAJ training programs as well as domestic training programs.
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