European Feed Manufacturers` Federation


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Fact and figures

  • Members: 22 members, 6 associate members, 2 observer members

Office: Rue de la Loi, 223 Bte 3, B-1040 Bruxelles, Belgium


Board members

Asbjørn Børsting; President, DAKOFO (Denmark); Pedro Luis Cordero Castill, Vice-President Member of the Executive Committee, CESFAC (Spain); Zoltan Pula, Vice-President Member of the Executive Committee, HGFA (Hungary); Anton Einberger, Vice-president Treasurer / Member of the Executive Committee, DVT (Germany); Nick Major, AIC (United Kingdom); Dirk Van Thielen, BFA (Belgium); Marek Kumprecht, SKK (Czech Republic); Ian Hutchinson, IGFA (Ireland); Marcello Veronesi, ASSALZOO (Italy); Ruud Tijssens, NEVEDI (The Netherlands); José Romao Leite Braz, IACA (Portugal); Wojciech Zarzycki, IZP (Poland)

Asbjørn Børsting



  • Represent, defend and promote the interests of the European compound feed and premix industry with the European Institutions, international bodies (IFIF, Codex Alimentarius, OIE, etc.) and stakeholders platforms;
  • Lobby for a legislative framework and its implementation, without discrimination in EU Member States so as to maximise market opportunities for EU compound feed and premix companies;
  • Develop professional rules and good manufacturing practices including the sourcing of feed materials that ensure the quality and the safety of compound feed and premix;
  • Safeguard conditions of free access to raw materials, the proper functioning of their markets and the definition of their quality;
  • Encourage the sustainable development of livestock production responding to the market requirements, so as to maximise market opportunities for compound feed and premix companies;
  • Encourage the development of precompetitive European animal nutrition-related Research & Development projects seeking to enhance the European feed & livestock sectors competitiveness and capacity to innovate in and/or transfer science and technology-based solutions to improve the sustainability of resource efficient livestock production systems;
  • Contribute to public communication campaigns seeking to enhance the image of the compound feed and premix industry.
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