Discover Croatian agricultural diversity

Olive groves in Dalmatia, Croatia

With Croatian agriculture still unknown to many, and the fabulous backdrop of Dalmatia and the Adriatic Coast as a location, the Croatian Guild’s first low-budget press trip is likely to be a sell-out.

Taking place between June 6 and June 10, the Croatian Guild intends to showcase the diversity of their country’s farming with visits to a number of interesting agricultural producers, including fishermen, cheese and winemakers, olive oil producers, and fruit and vegetable growers.

Visits will also take in Croatia’s leading seed and plant breeding company, and meetings with a Croatian MEP and the deputy president of the Croatian Agricultural Chamber. Rounding off the trip, ENAJ members will find themselves as guests of the country’s oldest agricultural radio show, “Za selo i poljoprivredu”, which will itself have as a special guest Mr Tomislav Tolušić, agricultural minister.

Organisers will cover costs of all meals, coach transport and accommodation. Participants will pay a contribution of €100 per person, with a €60 supplement for single occupation.

The number of seats for the trip is strictly limited, so please register through your guild as soon as possible, and latest by 30th April. Guilds should send their shortlist of three members to Adrian Krebs, ENAJ trip co-ordinator.

See the invitation from DANH here.

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