Candidates for Estonia and Italy?

We have two opportunities for ENAJ member ag-journalists, both potentially interesting journalistic activities, and which can bring good stories…

Ministers in Estonia

Ever been to Estonia? Now is your chance!

From 3 – 5 September, the EU’s ministers of agriculture and fisheries will have their informal meeting in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital. The theme of the meeting will be “Risk management: empowering our farmers with effective tools to manage the risks post-2020”.

The Estonian ministry, in co-operation with ENAJ, is working on a special program for the press, starting during the afternoon of Sunday 3 September with a visit to a large dairy farm and a presentation from Copa Cogeca.

On 4 September there will be a visit to a sheep farm and to a wine producer, and on 5 September the journalists will meet the ministers and during the afternoon, follow the press conference at the end of the meeting.

There is a limited number of places available: 25 to 30. Member associations must sign up candidates before July 15 and then within a couple of days it will be clear who are the lucky ones.

Participants must pay for their own flights, the transfer from the airport to the hotel and a fee of €100 for two nights in a single room or €65 for a double room to be shared with another participant.

Meals and transport during the stay are included. If you are interested, contact your member association/guild as soon as possible.

Greenaccord in Italy

ENAJ is again a partner of Greenaccord, a yearly conference in Italy. The conference is in Florence and Tuscany, from 2 – 5 November.

This international forum always has a theme, which this year is about environment topics. For ENAJ five to six places are reserved. The detailed program is not available yet.

The costs for the flight and the stay are covered.

Member associations can sign-up candidates now. Young journalists (35 years or less) get preference. If you’re interested: contact your member association/guild.

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