An invitation from Finland…

Sauna, dairy, pigs, machinery and forestry in Finland

Shipping pulpwood in the archipelago

Maataloustoimittajat , the Finnish Associations of Agricultural Journalists, invites colleagues from the ENAJ member states to visit agricultural Finland, later this summer.

From Tuesday August 29 until Saturday September 2 there will be a fascinating programme embracing several aspects of Finnish agriculture. Open to a maximum of 15 European journalists, the organisers promise an attractive three-day tour that shows several aspects of dairy, pig production, machinery and forestry.

Thanks to Finland’s location in the northern hemisphere, the organizers promise three hours’ extra light every day (it’s dangerous to promise too much ‘sun’…) compared to the Central European countries. The tour starts with a mini seminar on Finnish agriculture and animal welfare at Knehtilä organic farm. Among the speakers will be the Finnish couple Markus Eerola and Minna Sakki-Eerola, who received the WWF Baltic Sea Farmer of the year 2015. Progres feed will explain a new patented feed innovation aimed at supporting the productivity and health of animals. During the following days the participants visit farmers and plants.

And as we are in Finland, sauna is…part of the tour! To see more details of the whole programme, click here. 

The procedure for registration is as follows: interested ENAJ members should register with their national associations in the first instance. They will each select a maximum of three names, with priority given to first-time participants, and send those names to Micke Godtfredsen at the Finnish association. The deadline for applications is 5 June 2017. Then we shall negotiate about the participants with the ENAJ Management Committee.

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