Agri journalists about soya in Austria

A group of international agricultural journalists got a wide overview of the endless world of soya in Wien, Austria, during the Congress of the European Association of soya producers and Soya Donau, an organisation spread over the countries passed through by the Donau River. 

On the 150th anniversary of the arrival of soya in the West, the one of Wien has been the first World Soya Congress in Europe. 

Ag-journalists could follow the interesting meeting thanks to a low-budget press tour by ENAJ and the Austrian Guild of agricultural journalists VAO. 

Soya is the most cultivated bean in the world, 80% for animal feeding and 20% for growing use in human nutrition. 

The world’s production exceeds 350 million tons, and Europe produces about 12 million. The big difference is that European production is GMO-free and causes no deforestation.

During the LBPT the Ag-journalists visited a research centre for new varieties, an animal feed plant, a company for new proteic food solutions (from Spirulina algae), and a pig farm. Also, they tasted some special candies made with soya beans and chocolate. 

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