Addressing the disconnect between public perception and sustainable production of fish, meat, milk and eggs

With high standards for animal health, food safety and an increasingly sustainable livestock sector, Europe’s population is generally considered to be well-fed in terms of choice, nutrition, quality and assurance of safe food.

Despite these high standards and the willingness of the livestock chain to continue making improvements, conversations and reporting on livestock gives a growing impression of people feeling fed-up with our current food system.

We will debate the why, how and wherefore at AnimalhealthEurope event on 6 June.

Keynote speakers:

Professor Frederic Leroy, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Dr. Henning Steinfeld, UN Food & Agriculture Organisation

Event programme will include:

Exchange of views: Trends today, what impact for tomorrow?

Panel debate: How to uphold facts & science in a world that prefers ‘alternative facts’?

Please check  AnimalhealthEurope website for the full programme.

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