ENAJ Association Guidelines



National associations of agricultural journalists should adopt the following guidelines:

  • to allow all the agricultural journalists of the country as full members;
  • to give moral support to the professional interests of agricultural journalists;
  • to defend the freedom of the press;
  • to encourage press independence and the deontology (ethics) of agricultural journalists;
  • to form a network and organise network activities for agricultural, horticultural and forestry journalists;
  • the membership (e.g. general assembly) elects an executive board or committee and (direct or indirect) an executive president, decides about the constitution, the budget and the accounts and the objectives of the association;
  • to adopt a constitution in which all former points are included.

National associations can accept, besides agricultural, horticultural and forestry  journalists, also food, environment and countryside journalists as well as agricultural communicators.

June 2016