The ENAJ main activities are:

  • ENAJ organises two annual meetings for the ENAJ delegates (two per member country/association), with support of DG AGRI. The General Assembly generally takes place in Brussels in connection with the Annual Ag-Press Network event in December and the other ENAJ meeting is organised in the Spring, in connection with the Informal Farm Council (in the EU Presidency country).
  • Maintain and develop the ENAJ web site and the ENAJ on social media (primarily Twitter)



  • Study trips: In 2012 ENAJ organised, with support from DG AGRI, a study trip for young journalists to visit the EU Institutions in Brussels and to Belgian Flanders. In 2013 another group of young journalists were invited to a seminar at Agrotechnica (Germany).
  • Since 2012, ENAJ has organised a young journalist competition together with DG AGRI.

ENAJ will, as of 2014:

  • Start organising thematic low budget press trips for its member journalists; such trips are already scheduled for the Benelux and for Spain.
  • Offer its members invitations and special facilities at national events and agricultural fairs.
  • Organise networking activities with different European confederations, umbrella organisations of farmers’ organisations i.e. COPA-COGECA, FEFAC etc.



Working together

To fulfil the ENAJ objectives and activities, it is important that we work together and that all agricultural journalists join their national agricultural journalist association. Those who do not yet have an association to join are invited to contact us (see contact details on and we will do our utmost to support and advise you in the networking needed to start and form a national association that can become part of ENAJ.