About ENAJ

The beginning

Founded in Brussels on 6th December 2011, the ENAJ exists to establish closer working links between Agricultural Journalist Guilds throughout the 28 states of the European Union, its candidate countries and the members of EFTA.

The ENAJ is run by a nine-strong management committee, and an assembly comprising delegates from each member country.



ENAJ’s objectives:

  • create a network and organise network activities for agricultural, horticultural and forestry journalists in the EU
  • support the professional interests of the national associations, facilitating the jobs of their members at the EU level
  • support the set-up of national associations in ENAJ countries where there is no active and representative association
  • organise training and education of agricultural journalists, especially young journalists

Who we are: the facts

ENAJ is a network, acting as an umbrella organisation of the national associations of agricultural journalists in the EU Member States and national associations of agricultural journalists in EFTA countries.

ENAJ currently has 21 members.

The General Assembly (GA) is the highest authority of ENAJ. Two delegates from each member country association can attend the GA.

The ENAJ management committee is elected for a period of three years. Last elections were held at the G.A. in November 2018.

ENAJ delegates in Denmark

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