A new association for Romania

Aug 1, 2013

A new national association for agricultural journalists in Romania has been launched, with the aim of supporting members in their profession and contributing to their development and training.

The Agricultural Press Association in Romania (APAR) will also help members to strengthen their relations with Romanian and European institutions, as well as with similar associations in Europe.

“We hope this is the first step in our long-term co-operation,” says Nicoleta Dragomir, the newly-elected President of the APAR board of directors. “This is the first national structure that unites Romanian journalists concerned with agriculture and rural development, and with reporting agricultural activity and news in Romania.

“We’re looking forward with confidence to active collaboration with other guilds and associations,” she adds.

Set up at the initiative of five journalists working within the Romanian agricultural industry, APAR has 35 active members working in print, radio, TV and online, as well as camera operators, photo reporters and webmasters.

“We’ve already agreed an agenda of activity for the year,” says Nicoleta, “and our first major event will take place during the IndAgra 2013 exhibition, held in Bucharest between Oct 30 and Nov 3.”

The creation of the Romanian association was welcomed by Jef Verhaeren, chairman of ENAJ. “It’s wonderful news. ENAJ extends a warm welcome to you and we look forward to working with you and helping you develop your association as quickly as possible.”

APAR states its objectives as:

  • Promoting and supporting the professional interests of its members
  • Affirming the profession of agricultural journalists amongst the wider journalistic profession, as well as agribusiness, government and public
  • Initiating, supporting and organising scientific and cultural professional activities in the agricultural sector
  • Co-operation with other organisations, foundations and institutions to ensure and achieve the goals of the Association
  • Launching and supporting legislative initiatives to support agricultural journalism and the communication of Romanian agriculture
  • Establishing events, awards, honours and titles, recognising and encouraging excellence

APAR may be contacted at presa.agricola@gmail.com


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