Ambiente agricole: an Italian perspective on Turkey

In April 2016, members of ENAJ and IFAJ were invited to visit Turkey – not only a new member of IFAJ but also a country with a massive agricultural ambition. Cristiana Persia, from Italy, created this programme (in Italian) based on her visit.

Published on May 18, 2016

Cristiana writes: “Turkey pressed to join the European Union. The country, torn between Westernization and pushed towards Islamic fundamentalism, is nonetheless making great progress in the economic giant. Especially agriculture seems to represent, for some of its regions, the spring for the development. We went to Izmir and its province, the area from which cooperatives and agricultural enterprises have started the conquest of foreign markets.

“In the face of the attack of foreign competitors – especially the Mediterranean – our fruit and vegetable production, although more qualified and controlled, he is losing shots for too long. The Director of Italian Fruit and Vegetables, Vincent Falconi, shows us his recipe for improving the situation.”

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